​Welcome to ​Kensington Trails 

  • Do not leave valuables in your vehicle, do not leave anything in plain view.  You’d be surprised what someone would break into your vehicle for.
  • Keep trees and bushes around your home neatly trimmed with plenty of open space so burglars can’t use the foliage for cover.
  • Make sure your address is visible so the Police can find your house quickly. 
  • Submit VACATION WATCH REQUEST FORM with Kyle Police Department if you are going to away from home for a few days.  Kyle Police Department will check your residence or business for up to ten (10) consecutive days. 

Safety Tips Reminders from Your Neighborhood Watch Committee

  • Keep car and house doors locked.  Preferably dead​ bolt locks.
  • Roll up car windows
  • Keep porch lights on after dark
  • Keep an eye out for suspicious/ unknown vehicles
  • Be aware of your surroundings
  • ALWAYS notify Police of any suspicious person/activity
  • Know where your children are and what they are doing
  • Park vehicles in driveway or garage, it’s easier to break into a vehicle parked on the street

We live in a safe neighborhood but as we all know anything can happen.  Threats to our children and our homes are increasing lately and it is important that we all work together to keep our community safe!  If you would like to be on the Neighborhood Watch Committee, please email KTAkyle.board@gmail.com.  

Introduce yourself to your neighbors and let them know to keep an eye on your home if you are going on vacation or are just going to be gone for a couple days.  It’s a good idea to exchange phone numbers with a couple of your neighbors just so you have a way to contact each other if something were to happen.

If you see a suspicious vehicle write down the license plate number and description of the vehicle in case it’s gone before Kyle Police Department can get here.  You can pass this information off to a neighborhood watch committee member to keep on file for a reference point in case something happens later.

Let’s all work together to help keep our community a safe one.

If you don’t make a Police report Kyle Police Department will not know we have increased activity in our neighborhood.

Kyle Police Department

             Non-Emergency: 512-268-3232
             Emergency:  911