MAY 3, 2016:  Pool Update
Thank you everyone for your patience.  We know the weather is getting warmer and everyone is excited to swim in the community’s new pool.   As of today the HOA is working on payment to the City of Kyle for the waste water impact fee.  The pool builder is finished with the exception of bolting down the shower, which should be completed today.  If all goes well the pool should open this weekend.  We know this is not a definite answer but hopefully we will have an official date shortly.  The day the pool opens the HOA will send out and post a notice. 

APRIL 13, 2016

The update on the pool is the contractor called for an inspection yesterday. The city came out and stated the pool still had areas that would not pass.

1. The bathroom toilet vents are not correct and should be through the roof on top 
2. No shower has been installed
3. Plus other items but the city has not sent me a complete list yet. 

Then the city told us they are not sure if we have to be ADA accessible or not. Which means the slope of the parking lot is more than allowed. But if we are not required to be ADA accessible then we are ok on the parking lot. 

As we receive more updates we will post them on the official website for the community to read.  

Thank you

APRIL 2016

POOL:  The pool builder contacted the HOA and informed us that they now know the problem with the toilets.  The city told them they could use a 3/4" water line.  However they had a plumber come out and tell them the 3/4" was not big enough.  So they will be replacing the water line with 1 1/2" pipe.  They are hoping to get this problem taken care of and inspected by end of the week. 

MARCH 2016

POOL: The contractor is working on finishing up the install of the bathroom fixtures, Outdoor Shower and a few other small items. Once completed, the City will do their inspection. If everything passes with the City then the pool will open in April. We will notify the community once we know the exact date as soon as possible. Reminder: You will need a pool key card to access the pool. If you do not have one you need to contact Goodwin Management or check our official website for more information. For those that already have a key card please remember that if you have not paid your HOA dues your card will not work.

HOA Dues:  If you have not paid your dues, please do so. This money is beneficial in keeping our community well maintained and for allowing us to improve the community as needed.  Our dues pay for maintaining the common areas (mowing, weed eating, sprinkler repairs, new flowers, shrubs and trees etc..) empting and refilling the doggie poop stations, pool cleaning, supplies, water and electric bill,   playground (spraying for weeds, repairing of equipment), mailbox lighting (adding new lighting over new boxes and repairing lighting that goes out), Maintaining/Replacing the community area fencing.  Without your dues we would be limited on fixing/repairing these items. It’s important that we maintained/improve our community so our homes keep their value and we continue to have a very nice looking neighborhood that others want to live in.

Community Garage Sale:Our community garage sale will be April 23 from 8am-12pm rain or shine. Signs will be posted at all three entrances to inform the community and those driving by. We will also post on Facebook and craigslist.

YARD OF THE MONTH: We are having a new sign made and are looking at starting back up in April. Those that win will receive a gift card and get to have the sign in their yard for the month. We’re looking forward to seeing all the great looking yards.

HOA COMMUNITY MEETING: We are in the process of trying to get a date to reserve the school and that works with Marilyn Childress calendar. Once we get it finalized we will notify the community.

Thank you:The board would like to thank everyone for your support and help in making Kensington Trails the best community in Kyle.  This is a group effort and when we all come together great things can and will happen in Kensington. We are always looking for ways to improve on what we have and to maintain what we already have. You have three board members that really care about our community and spend a great deal of time in meetings planning and working out the details for community issues, monthly board meetings, community events, driving street by street judging for yard of the month, Best decorated for Halloween and Christmas, buying the gift cards and all the food and drinks for all the community events, this is just a few things we do for the community the list could go on. But the point is we do it all because we want our community to be the best and best looking in Kyle.  Doing all this takes us away from our family time and we have to run home from work to attend meetings. I encourage you all to get to know your board members personally. They are great honest people who truly care about Kensington. No one would be on this board if they didn’t …….it’s a lot of long hours and work with no benefits or pay.

If you ever have questions on anything please email us at   

DeMitri – President, Joey – Vice President & Eric - Treasurer

February 2016
Pool Update

The pool builder is finishing up completing the restrooms and few minor repairs.  As soon as the work is complete the City of Kyle will have to do final inspection.  If work is completed very soon and everything goes well with the inspection the pool should open on April 1, 2016.  We know everyone is excited about the addition of the pool to our neighborhood and looking forward to relaxing/swimming in the pool.  Thank you for your patience during this lengthy process.   If you have further questions please e-mail the HOA board at 

Coming soon:  For those who ride your bike to the park/pool area, the HOA Board will be installing a new bicycle rack. 

Neighborhood Watch
Just a reminder there have been reports of break ins around neighborhoods in Kyle.  Some good safety tips are to make sure your porch lights are on (this also makes it easier for the police to patrol and look for suspicious activity), put a lock on your gate to the back yard and make sure your front porch is visible (shrubs make great hiding places).  For more safety tips see the Neighborhood Watch page under committees on the website.    

Social Committee Update
We look forward to starting back MOVIE NIGHT at the pool on the 4th Saturday of the month.  If all goes well we will start back in April.  We will send out an e-mail before the event with more details.  If you are not on our e-mail list please email to sign up. 

Other Community Announcements
Community Garage Sale:  We will be having a community garage sale on April 23rd from 8:00am-12:00pm rain or shine.      

Your continued support and patience is appreciated. 
For additional questions or concerns please e-mail the board. 
Thank you
DeMitri Hobbs
HOA President

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